SHADE® innovative roofing coating technique

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The concept

SHADE ® design is the first product to offer to the engineer and architect the greatest flexibility in design with traditional and environmentally friendly materials while providing thermal insulation qualities and exceptional acoustics.

Beoynd the innovative product offer we develop for the roofing and facade, we are commited to accompany you in every of your projects.

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Insulation and comfort

In hot countries, the roof slope is the part that receives much of the incident sunlight, because of its inclination. During summer, it's a very important part of the heat balance. While avoiding the high cost entailed choosing a heavy structure, the SHADE ® concept of a ventilated double skin roof continues to improve summer comfort in homes in hot countries, at lower cost.

The comfort level of housing is achieved when architecture takes advantage of the local climate, that's to say that the building should not only be protected from the sun, but the positive factors such as wind, must be promoted. In addition to improving the comfort of home, it avoids the use of indoor climate, an economy not only in terms of energy but also in terms of cost for the occupier.

The SHADE ® concept of double skin ventilated roof combines two physical principles.

From one hand, the space between the support element of the cover and the cover itself (usually filled with insulation) is left blank, to promote the movement of air from the foot of the roof to the ridge. Under the effect of natural and forced convection due to wind, heat is driven upwards by the moving air (thermosiphon effect). This moving air cools the atmosphere between the two skins.
On the other hand, the coverage of the proposed roof acts as a sunscreen, limiting the transfer of heat by radiation, thanks to the low emissivity of the material used.