SHADE® innovative coating siding and roofing products

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The SHADE® products

Invidia Concept is a French company specializing in metals and advanced materials.
It is based on value-based sustainable development, design, production and recycling of metals.

Shade Energy cuivre

Invidia Concept features a powerful research center dedicated to the shaping of metal and can rely on all of his research partners.

We work in partnership with manufacturers of materials to enhance SHADE ® product performance, in combination with other materials, such (polystyrene) for insulation.

Research development

Invidia Concept Building continues, through its brand SHADE ®, an active commercial business development at national, international, both in the European markets in emerging countries.
It offers solutions for both roof coatings that cover multi-metals with high added value:

  • Zinc,
  • Copper,
  • Stainless,
  • Aluminium ...

Invidia Concept offers a wide range of facade materials, each with its own characteristics and its applicability.

We put our technical expertise at our entire disposal, from the purchase decision to the implementation of your projects.

Because the quality of your product depends on what you do, the exposure and the environment to which you are subject, the potential that you want to use, our engineers advise business owners, prime contractors and installation companies.

Our theoretical and practical workshops, situated in our premises in Unieux (Rhone-Alpes area), train your staff and European operators on how to use our products.