SHADE® innovative roofing and siding coating

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While using innovative transform processes, copper will provide, in the future, more and more freedom to designers creativity : by cutting, spinning, embossing and punching to forming 3D digital sheet copper in various aspects.

At INVIDIA CONCEPT, it is now possible to equip copper products with brand new shapes.
More and more creative architects are rediscovering the aesthetic potential of the red metal. With its playing of light and the shaping opportunities it provides, INVIDIA CONCEPT offers to designers it's own SHADEé® products to highlight copper.

Decorating with copper in exterior and in interior means to add life, make more individuality.
The elegance of copper with a coating SHADE®, is incomparable. It is widely accepted that copper is a naturally occurring metal and colorful, and his features bring aesthetic qualities universally recognized.

Cuivre patina Cuivre classic Cuivre Oxid Cuivre Brass Cuivre Gold Cuivre Bronze


History of zinc, is a tradition which bring us back over 100 years ago. A story that goes through time. With the processing and shaping in discontinuous coatings elements by INVIDIA CONCEPT, zinc reflects the image of a sturdy metal with exceptional durability.


The history of zinc is that of a tradition that dates back over 100 years. A story that transcends time. With its processing and shaping by Invidia CONCEPT element of discontinuous coatings, zinc reflects the image of a sturdy metal with exceptional durability.

Zinc Quartz Zinc Antra Zinc Pigmento rouge Zinc pimento vert Zinc pigmento bleu


INVIDIA CONCEPT has chosen stainless steel, known as the 'green material and infinitely recyclable. In construction, the recovery rate approaches 100% effective. Stainless steel is unalterable, it is totally neutral with respect to the environment.

For its qualities, INVIDIA CONCEPT makes it a material ideally suited for building applications exposed to the elements: roofs and facades. The longevity of stainless steel meets the needs of sustainable construction.

Our advices about the selection, implementation and maintenance of your work bring you guarantee of an uncomparable lifetime.

With the SHADE® concept, the stainless's geometrical and vertical and perspective lines, captures light while highlighting itself.

Inox Ugitop Inox poli brillant



With the SHADE® concept, aluminium offers both the engineer and architect the widest flexibility in conception. It allows to realize complex shapes while maintaining the qualities of thermal acoustic insulation required for modern buildings.

INVIDIA CONCEPT has selected aluminium :

- by the architectural aspect that can be offered to the designer, using the techniques of anodizing and thermal coating, aluminum with architectural elements SHADE® can be adorned with all colors, shiny or matte and any finishes, smooth, textured, embossed, hammered, or metallic.

- byr the analysis of its life cycle allowing the contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect. The use of aluminum in the building contributes to the control of emissions of greenhouse gases at all stages of its cycle. The aluminum vessel is recovered after removal and recycled indefinitely.

Aluminium ral 3018 Aluminium ral 5017 Aluminium ral 1024 Aluminium ral 9007 Aluminium ral 6018