SHADE®  innovatice roofing and siding coating products

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SHADE® roof panels

The element SHADE ® is a technical product that combines the functions of covering, insulation and customizable aesthetics. It is made out of a metal profile called precious in copper, zinc or aluminum, a core of foam polystyrene with high density (30gk/m3), with embedded channels for effective ventilation and free movement of persons without risk of deterioration.

The connection between single elements and their non-through attachments brings to roofs a unique and exceptional resistance to wind. Besides technical assistance, Invidia Concept offers the designer, with its unique and incomparable SHADE ® system, the possibility of covering new construction and renovations, respecting the symbiosis of architecture, both traditional and modern, giving full freedom to the creativity of the designer.

Due to the exceptional durability of materials used in the SHADE ® concept, even in harsh environment (50 to 60 years minimum or more in rural areas), the precious metals used are the completely suitable materials.
Their remarkable resistance to aging and various attacks (pollution, bad weather ...) are increased by the application of the system without any fasteners therethrough, and the free expansion of the latter in both longitudinal and transverse ways.

Roofers, leading players in the heart of their business, know that most claims come mainly from these two factors often put in prominent position by the experts in real estate.